Recycled Soda Bottle Art

Reuse plastic bottle bottom to create unique paintings
Do you remember Silhouette Botanical Canvas we wrote about some time ago? It was something for advanced handimaniacs. This time I would like to show you one, easy idea for a piece of art made with mainly one, cut bottom. Cherry blossoms, made by "Alpha Mom" would be a perfect project to complete with your kids, don't you think?

There are many uses of plastic bottles bottoms, but I've got my two favorites now: Green Head Planter and Recycled Soda Bottle Art. What is yours? Maybe you know some other that we haven't mentioned yet? If you liked Alpha Mom's idea and want to show your version of it to the rest of the crafty world, don't hesitate to visit our fan page.

Click the link to see step by step tutorial of Recycled Soda Bottle Art.




Recycled Soda Bottle Art

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