Recycled Rag Rug

Create a colorful piece of fluffy floor mat.
After making Hula Hoop T-shirt Rug, it is high time to create another one as it is newer enough of them at home. It is not going to be round and will take a little bit more time to complete it. Don’t panic though, for the final effect would be worth all the effort you put in this project!

Jaime from Everyday Art took up this long term, but stunning work and I am happy she decided to share it with a bigger audience. I have got my own collection of rugs to make, and the Recycled Rag Rug will be the first to go.

It is a well known fact that while having kids, you could call yourself a “Rag Queen”, (however weird this name sounds). Tons of clothes which are not in good condition after thousands of washes and you’d rather not pass it even to your sister’s kids. It is a good time to teach your children how to recycle old rags into something fluffy and creative, what is more, you can do it together.

Take a while and look at the tutorial, maybe it is a good idea to show you are one, creative and patient person with a big heart to save our planet from spare rags! We are looking forward to seeing the pictures afterwards.

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • t-shirts, kids clothes or strips of quilting fabric
  • non-skid rug mat


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