Recycled Paper Basket

Sew, weave, decor and use paper again.
There is obviously time for some cleaning in my life, week for putting things in order in all kinds of storage boxes. First, Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box, then Wood Crates and now totally new project which can help you with all the mess.

After a long winter, there is always something you could get rid off, that is why go and find some packaging paper, old wallpapers or any other, long sheets of unnecessary paper, then make this cool Recycled Paper Basket, if you feel like cleaning too.

I have found it while browsing Design Sponge and wanted to have my own, straight away. My yarns need more baskets and the one made of recycled paper would be a nice addition to my collection. The only problem here might be with the sewing machine as not everyone knows how to handle it. Even though you are this person, try not to give up. Ask someone to do the sewing part, and there will be still much work for you left.

I've got a feeling you'll love it so much that there will be more baskets of different colors, sizes and patterns. When you finish it, I am waiting for your photos on facebook.

, Have fun!

Recycled Paper Basket

What you need:


  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • long lengths of any paper
  • paperclips

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