Recycled Bottle Helicopter

Turn plastic bottles into creative toys.
Being a fan of toys, which help to develop children's creativity and imagination, I look for inspiration wherever I can find it. At the same time, I love the idea of recycling. Will you agree with me that putting plastic bottles into recycling bins is still such a waste?

Putting these two ideas together - D.I.Y toys so simple, that even children can make them, and recycling our numberless litters, makes my family happy. The Recycled Bottle Helicopter presented by Sergio Dias combines above into one simple but amazingly creative, also in making, toy. And finally I know what to do with plastic straws since our girls use tons of them! We are adding some descriptions to Sergio Dias’ photo guide here to help you understand this D.I.Y. little project fully.

The Recycled Bottle Helicopter can vary endlessly depends on your imagination, as always. You can use different colours of straws, you can mist the bottle with the spray paint (that was the case of Rocket Power Jet Pack, which we presented some time ago), you can draw anything on it (windows, doors, even figure of a pilot, etc.).

Do I have to add that we are waiting for the effects of your creativity on our facebook? Please don’t hesitate to share it with us!

Recycled Bottle Helicopter

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Plastic bottle (a small one)
  • Plastic straws
  • Ping Pong ball
  • Pin

Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 1

Prepare all tools and supplies like stated above and shown on the picture


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 2

Use scissors or any tool with small, sharp end to make a hole in the plastic cap. Try to do it in the middle and be very careful as you’ll need all your fingers later.


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 3

Cut the bottle into two parts and also one stripe which will make the joint for skids (I know this is a special shape of a bottle but I am sure you’ll find it somewhere). It should have that ball-shaped part to put the ping pong ball inside.


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 4

Now you need to cut three straws in a way shown (three parts with bent heads should be a bit shorter than the rest of the straw)


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 5

Use a pin to put two longer parts together making a propeller. Pin previously cut stripe to shorter straws with a stapler to prepare skids, afterwards stick the last bent straw, into the hole in a cap. Now you’ve got the three most important parts to build your mini helicopter with


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 6

The part with a cap should be now attached to the body with a stapler (as you can see on the picture).


Recycled Bottle Helicopter - Step 7

The final action in your crafting experience is to put the ping pong ball into the body, forming a cockpit.

P.S. It is as easy as it looks like so DO try this at home and have fun!

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