Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

Take a few steps to clean old rusty iron pan!
Last week we started a spring tidy-out in our basement. We prepared the bikes for the season and took out our balcony table. Then our parents called and asked for help in their cellars. We couldn't miss a chance of finding priceless treasure. It’s really unbelievable how many different unexpected, gorgeous things can be found among dusty rusty clutter in parents’ basement.

Simon found an old door for Corner Door-Shelf and I launched a hunt for some other girlish stuff. I found an old frying pan. The fuss about the non stick pans and the toxins that they emit motivated me to take this old traditional pan home. The problem started when I wanted to clean it. Old rust and grease were stubborn and not easily removable until I found a method of Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware. A few easy steps suggested by Julia from I Believe I Can Fry and the old pan looked brand new.

How do you stubborn grease? Don’t wait to share your hints on our website.

The guidelines for Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware can be found here.

What you need:


  • Gloves
  • Garbage bag
  • Paper towel

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Old rusty pan
  • Oven cleaner



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