Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Did you know you can use soap to build Rainbow Bubble Snakes?
There's a microcosmos trapped in a soap bubble. At least, that’s the thing I believed in when I was a child. I always imagined little colourful creatures living in tiny colourful houses. And when the bubble burst, the little world disappeared creating an invisible web. It’s a pity the bubbles last only for a few minutes. I loved blowing bubbles, I followed them when they were pushed by wind in different directions. I’ve recently found an interesting post on Housing a Forest which is not so much about chasing these ephemeral balls but building Rainbow Bubble Snakes out of them. The ingredients used are typical for bubble blowing but a special device must be built to create a form of a snake. If you’re looking for some other entertainment check out our recent posts on Glow in the Dark Sand and Growing a Crystal Garden. Hope your children will find these activities enjoying. Share your experiences with us. A tutorial on Rainbow Bubble Snakes can be found here.


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