PVC Pipes Notebook Stand

Make an easy support for your notebook out of pipes.
I like working with my notebook, but only when the battery allows me to move with it. Different spaces and places inspire me. There is always a problem with the support under it, though. For example, now, I use some kind of book of the same size. When Mania was pregnant, suddenly it occurred there are no such stands that would be perfect for a woman with a 7th months belly (beside her belly). All in all, she decided not to use a computer until Anya was born.

I bet many of you face the same problem with notebook stands. Eiter their size is awkward, or they heat too much. I have got a solution for you! PVC Pipes Notebook Stand made by creative girls from superziper.com. Whenever I've looked at PVC pipes I can see broken toilet or sink, the last thing would be a creative support for my notebook. It would perfectly go with this Rainbow Table.

It is very simple to make and doesn't require expensive tools. Just a few pipes, hammer a saw, then a bit of your favorite color, and there it is. An outstanding notebook that attracts attention of all your friends. Would you take up this little, handy project? Share it with us after you finish.

Original Portuguese tutorial of PVC Pipes Notebook Stand, here.

PVC Pipes Notebook Stand

What you need:


  • Hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Six connectors
  • Spray paint
  • 4 silicone caps (optional) to prevent the stand from slipping

PVC Pipes Notebook Stand

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