Printable Sewing Cards For Kids

Easy and fun way of teaching your kids how to sew!
I was really surprised to discover lately, that after spending two years in Waldorf School, my 11-years old son can’t sew. It's an important skill for me, although I'm not a pro in sewing. But for a single parent, trying to juggle a full-time job with family life, there's not much time left for such activities. This revelation reminded me also how lucky I was to have my granny teaching me the basics of sewing and embroidery. But since my son’s both grandmas are rather busy, it’s up to me to show him first stitches.

I started to search for some hacks that would help me in teaching my son sewing with fun, and I was happy to find these Printable Sewing Cards for Kids on Handmade Charlotte site. I really like the illustrations - they are so neat that after adding stitches you can hang them on the wall or send them as postcards. I think I’ll try to prepare something different for my teenager ;), but I do love the idea!

Show us other tricks helpful in teaching kids sewing if you know any. Write, post the pics or links on our fan page - we always appreciate your input :)

Detailed instruction of Printable Sewing Cards for Kids with templates for free download can be found here.




Printable Sewing Cards For Kids

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