Plastic Bottles Minion Bowling

Upcycle some plastic and have fun playing bowling with super cute Minions
We can all agree that children know who is on the top of movie characters list at the moment. We can also agree that Minions are super cute and jump out on us from each corner. If you've got kids and wanna spend some time playing at home in these autumn days, check out Plastic Bottles Minion Bowling game, fully handmade at home by Emily from "Pluckymomo".

A Crafty Mom, shares this easy and quick to make tutorial, and also provides goggles to print (which is awesome, I think). If you are a huge fan of "Despicable Me" movie and your little ones love Minions, don't hesitate to gather some old bottles, few tools and supplies, and start creating your bowling game. Maybe you would like to give your kids some more power to play with Rocket Power Jet Pack project!? All crafts that involve reusing plastic should be more than welcome in your house.

Click this link to read all instructions for Plastic Bottles Minion Bowling.


What you need:


  • Painters tape

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 6 plastic bottles
  • Spray paint (blue and yellow)
  • Printed goggles


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