Plastic Bottle Pet Pot

Upcycle plastic bottle to make cute planters for your kids
It is amazing how many ways of reusing plastic bottles there are on the web. Sometimes we are not even aware of the creativity we can show making useful stuff out of them. We have already written about Concrete Pendant Lamp where plastic bottle was a base to build it and give it a shape. On the contrary, there is one of the easiest projects, Green Head Planter or this cool Recycled Mobile Phone Holder.

This Plastic Bottle Pet Pot is the cutest one, though. The source site is in Korean, that is why, for better understanding, we are showing you the whole step by step tutorial. Although our older son is too old for this, I would certainly make those pots for some aromatic herbs to little Anya's bedroom.

I am sure some of you would say it is ugly, and some say it is a kitsch, but whatever you think, remember it is eco friendly craft, perfect take up with your older children. As soon as you finish your Plastic Bottle Pet Pot, share the picture below.

Check out the tutorial on Naver Blog

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Paints
  • Cardboard

Cut out bottles in half and use the bottoms to make pots. Prepare the shape of pets (bunny and bear) out of cardboard and draw it on the bottle. Cut out contours of ears with scissors (make small holes to fix the string).



Paint the bottles with covering, white paint.



Customize prepared bottles with pets patterns.





Fasten string and put some plants inside.




Hang pet pots anywhere you like. Decorate a cupboard or a table with this cute, handmade planters.


Plastic Bottle Pet Pot

Print this file as a template.


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