Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

Reuse plastic bottles and make enchanting jewelry stand
Although I do not have too much jewelry, I have a huge problem with keeping it in order. All the time I lose something, and I cannot complete a pair of earrings. Everything is tangled, hides magically and generally does not present well. I found an ideal solution to my problems - it’s a jewelry stand made of plastic bottles. A plastic bottle is a very practical material, that can be used in many interesting ways. Do you remember Plastic Bottle Pet Pot? You might think that it is just an ugly plastic... only apparently! This is a fantastic base product for many charming decorations.

The procedure of making this stand is a piece of cake! You need only four bottles in different sizes, drill, knife, scissors, one 12-inch length of threaded rod, nuts and washers. You can use green bottles as the author of this idea, but I think it will present well in a different color too. Moreover, you can mix colors or use plain, transparent bottles. Remember - you need to have three different sizes!

Keep your jewelry in order and what women like the ;) Do not forget to send us pictures of this practical homemade stand!

See the full, DIY jewelry stand step-by-step tutorial with pictures here.

What you need:


  • drill
  • strong utility knife
  • scissors
  • grinder

Supplies / ingredients:

  • two 2 liter bottles
  • one 1 liter
  • one 20 oz bottle
  • one baggy nuts
  • one baggy washers (of a coordinating size)
  • one 12-inch length of threaded rod


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