Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

Upcycle lotion bottle into creative container for plants.
After using plastic lotion bottle for a Recycled Mobile Phone Holder, it is time to revive this craft. Although it is not exactly the same project, it requires similar techinques to complete it. "Breslo" is the name of the Romanian site, I found Plastic Bottle Flower Pot on. It was made to grow tiny plants inside, and I will use it for herbs in the kitchen.

This is so easy to make that would be the perfect project to start the busy week with. You can engage your kids to ornament it different way. This one here uses marker embellishment, but if you wish, you may use more sophisticated methods like wrapping it with fabric or glueing with brocade. The only limit is your imagination. My idea is to paint it with black blakcboard paint and write the names of the herbs I am going to grow, with white chalk.

Whatever you decide to use this pot for, be creative. Even if you consider this recycling project to easy for your advanced, crafty hands, just do it for fun or treat it as a good warm-up before we serve some more D.I.Y.'s for the rest of the week. Have fun and show us some photos of finished pots here.

For full guide click here - Plastic Bottle Flower Pot.


What you need:


  • Cutting craft knife
  • Permanent marker
  • Pen

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Plastic lotion bottle
  • Soil
  • Plant (any with short root system)


Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

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