Plant Hanger

Just a few knots needed to make this effective hanging garden.
When we first wrote about the D.I.Y. Vertical Planter Hanger some time ago, we knew that we need to make one of those but in our typical, crafty style. Are you curious what we came up with? Check out check out our today pick!

If you follow D.I.Y. trends, you probably have seen some plant hanger ideas made out of rope. Do not worry! It is pretty darn to make, just check out our tutorial and take your garden to the next level by giving it a hanging, braided twist!

We hope that you love our fabulous inspirations that instantly add a natural touch to any room. If you run out of space, but you love green plants, just try to hang them. All you need to get them done is some rope, pot or glass jars, and the necessary green plants. Try to pick pots of different sizes, choose color ropes or add wooden beads. Your hanger will get more style and contrast to other green spaces.

Don’t forget that this idea is also nice outside your home, especially if you have a small backyard or balcony.

This holiday season brings a lot of colorful, easy and cool ideas like Cute Lucky Stars! Watch it and share your opinion with us!

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Twine

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