Pixelated Popup Card

Prepare this pixelated heart-shaped card for someone you love!
Oooops! I’ve just realized it Father’s Day today. I do celebrate Mother’s Day however, it seems a bit more diffused so it’s easier to remember about it. Yes, I know the time is short or almost up but I’m gonna motivate my son to make a card.

If you’re kids are also still looking for something nice to present their fathers with, look at this Pixelated Popup Card prepared by Kate of Minieco. It was originally designed to be a Valentine’s card but still it can be handed in on any other occasion to someone we love. Moreover, the author of the idea assures it’s minimal in form and it takes only 20 minutes to cut it out.

If your kids have no more time you can always get them cook Heart Shaped Eggs for supper.

I’m off to inspire my son, are you? Share other last minute present ideas for fathers with us.

A neat tutorial on Pixelated Popup Card is here.

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper


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