Ping Pong Ball Lights

Create these lights and bring colorful light to your place!
I adore all DIY lighting ideas. I have two favorite: Paper Cube String Lights and Wine Bottle Light. They’ve got this romantic look and make room looks cozier and warmer. They’re not too flashy so if you’re looking for the idea of soft lighting you should consider these two ideas. If you prefer something more cheerful check out this idea.

Steven - member of The Center for the Advancement of Mischief group showed tutorial on how to make lights from ping-pong lights. As a supply, you can use colored Christmas lights. The Cost of such illumination is very low, you can use old, working lights and the cheapest ping-pong balls. The final effect is awesome. You get colorful, delicate lighting without expensive materials or professional tools.

What’s you favorite idea of the interior lighting? Let us know in comments below!

Check out the tutorial on the Center for the Advancement of Mischief.

What you need:


  • Drill
  • Hot glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Christmas lights
  • Ping pong balls


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