Pineapple Champagne Bottle

Wrap a delicious wine with even more delicious chocolates!
The sparkling wine is an inseparable element of New Year’s Eve. Who doesn’t welcome New Year without this special drink? I am sure that you know what goes prefectly well with champagne...chocolate! That’s why we’re gonna present a tutorial on making a great gift that combines these two delicacies.

It’s a perfect idea for decorative wrapping the bottles, providing you have a bottle shaped in a similar way to the bottle of champagne. Remember the most important thing is to make the bottle with chocolates look like pineapple.

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Don’t be shy and post pictures of your party pineapple in user gallery below.

Ckeck original tutorial on Supersadovnik.

What you need:


  • Hot glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 2 sheets orange tissue paper
  • 1 sheet green tissue paper
  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • 48 chocolates in golden wrapper
  • Raffia ribbon

pineapple champagne bottle 01

Cut the orange tissue paper into squares 7 x 7 cm. Then apply hot glue on the flat side of each candy and glue it to the center of the squares of paper.


pineapple champagne bottle 02

Fold the edges of the paper to the top of the candy. Apply glue to the flat side again and stick to the bottle. Start from the bottom up in a circle. Glue the candy tightly to each other, so that there aren’t any gaps.


pineapple champagne bottle 03

Cut long narrow leaves from the green tissue paper. Glue them together, making several layers. Paste over the neck of the bottle in a circle.


pineapple champagne bottle 04

The pineapple of chocolates will be more similar to a present, if you wrap the raffia ribbon around the neck of the bottle. You can improvise by making a big ribbon or add some lady bugs. And voila! The perfect gift wrapping idea for chocolates and sweets.


pineapple champagne bottle fi

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