Pillow Mattress

Sew this comfy mattress for your kids!
Remember the time of carefree childhood when you were building tents and houses from cushions, mattresses, blankets and bed sheets? It was always a perfect play for long, winter evenings, when the bunch of kids gathered during family meetings. The bed sheets became roofs, blankets formed walls, and we would take all pillows and cushions from the house to flood the floor with them.

When I saw this pillow mattress I found on "Southern Disposition" blog, run by Kendra, it instantly reminded me about these frolic times and thought that this would be a nice inspiration for you to prepare for your kids. We’re pretty sure that it’s not a time-consuming project, and everyone with very basic sewing skills will manage. You can think of upcycling old cushions, scraps of materials or used pillowcases.

If you need more projects for your little ones, let us know about it below.

Check the tutorial on Southern Disposition.

What you need:


  • Sewing machine

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Twin size duvet cover
  • Pillows
  • Thread


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