Pictures On The Rock

Transfer your favourite drawing to a rock background!
When Egyptians first manufactured papyrus they probably didn’t expect that it would become so popular writing material. They used wall painting to decorate rocks but papyrus was main means for documents. Now when papyrus is replaced by paper, people tend to come back to some ancient roots and base their artistic creation on more traditional backgrounds.

Pictures On The Rocks by the owner of Villabarnes are a perfect example of charm presented on the rocky material. The trick is that you don't paint them, you can choose whichever picture you like and transfer it to the rock so even if you aren’t particularly talented you can have the pictures done on a rock.

What drawing would you choose to put it it on a marble piece? Let us know about it.

When you want to see some other untypical pieces of art you should definitely go and see Living Succulent Picture.

Check out the tutorial on Villabarnes.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Rock
  • White paint
  • “Splendid Blender” pen by Chartpak
  • Laser, toner based copy of the image


Would you go for this vintage decor?

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