Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

Untypical, charming and easy to make Christmas door decoration.
There are so many different Christmas decorations on the DIY websites. I especially appreciate simple and quick tutorials, because I don’t have much time after work and I’m too tired to make anything more complicated.

I found this charming project on a Hungarian blog of Lavender Girl. Its base are toilet paper rolls and you don’t need any special materials or tools to create it! If you are a fan of reusing paper, you need to check out other tutorial featured on our website - Framed Paper Rolls Flower Decoration.

If you have any other ideas for decorations made of paper toilet rolls, let us know and send us some pictures we could post on our fan page!

e To see full tutorial for Christmas Wreath click here!

What you need:


  • hot glue
  • brush

Supplies / ingredients:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • paint
  • plasticine








Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

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