Paper Fruit Fan

An easy way for an extraordinary, summer gadget

Summer is coming and we hope beautiful, sunny weather as well. This is also this time of the year that your kids tend to spend more time with you and it is your objective to keep them busy. Nothing easier than opening your computer and you can find thousands of creative and inspiring kids crafts there.

The perfect situation is when you can show your kids not only how to make something, but also how to make aesthetic objects, easy to complete and useful. We are happy to show you such, made by Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun as a guest of Amy from The Idea Room.

The Paper Fruit Fan is simple, quick and easy to make, useful and it looks so cool. Follow Kimbo’s detailed instructions and photographs to make your own set of fans. We love the watermelon one the most, though. If you love upcycling and recycling idea, you may also like Recycled Carton Wallet or these fun to make Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars.

To get the full list of steps, check out Paper Fruit Fan, here.

We are sure you would like to show them off a bit so #handimania when finish your fan.


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