Paper Cube String Lights

Don’t put your Christmas lights away! Use them all year long!
How about leaving Christmas string lights as a permanent accent in the interior? They instantly make a room feel cozy and sparky. They give this inviting atmosphere which brings back memories of joyous moments.

I have a friend who is a string light nut, she has them hanging all over her flat. Inspired by her style I was looking for a nice light string set-up for my kitchen, and I stumbled upon Paper Cube String Lights shown on Wit and Whistle, which is run by a design nerd - Amanda. Her recommendation is outstanding. Instead of using just a basic string lights, you can hide them in origami boxes and make glowing paper cubes garland. They create a very magical ambience.

Do you agree that Christmas lights energize our flats with a positive aura? Instead of putting Christmas brightness in the box, keep it up all year long. Get creative and add the string lights into your flat scheme. Don’t be shy, share your designs with us on our fan page.

A comprehensive tutorial of Paper Cube String Lights is presented here


What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • String of 20 lights (use LED lights if you are worried about this being a fire hazard)
  • 20 Square pieces of paper



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