Paper Bag Floors

Change your concrete floor to paper one using shopping bags!
If up till now, you were convinced you have seen the most amazing, handmade floor while reading about the Penny Floor, you couldn't be wrong more. For me, personally, this kind of floor make-over project is way too complicated and time consuming, but in the same time, I admire all of you who has started, continued and finished it in your house.

Recently I have found a great tutorial of a Paper Bag Floors, (however foolish it may sound), and I admit I started looking for the easiest way of ripping our old floors out. Following step by step instructions prepared with all details and handy tips by Ashley on her "Domestic Imperfection" site, I would succeed for sure. Not only her work is helpful, but also the fact that she took her inspiration from another awesome blog and The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide.

Do you consider this paper floor idea crazy enough to start doing it next weekend? Would you buy some crafting paper or rather use old paper bags to make the surface? We can't wait till you share some pictures of your first trials! You'll find place for them below this post.

Check out the tutorial on Domestic Imperfection.

What you need:


  • Mop

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Stain
  • Shur-Line “deck pad”
  • Concrete
  • Sandpaper

Paper Bag Floors

0 thoughts on “Paper Bag Floors

  1. Zlatko Georgiev says:

    Just а suggestion,
    you can use newspapers (or if you are ok with destroying a few books) for example for the living room, you can print inspiring quotes, recipes for the kitchen, etc. and pages from childrens story books for the kids room. Can be nice to have some fairy tales and pictures on the floor while the little “devils” are crawling :) also i think it could be interesting to make it with pages from colouring books, after that you just need to provide some whiteboard markers and let them play :)

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