Pallet Garden

Reuse old pallets and create tiny garden sections!
We’ve already already a few floral tutorials, including the String Garden and the Hanging Garden. But this is particularly smart backyard idea. The basic material is pallets. Plants will grow a little above the ground, so it should help keep pests away.

Mavis from the One Hundread Dollars a Month presented her way to create ordered, esthetic garden. It’s really simple to make, but you must remember to use heat treated pallets.

Do you have any other ideas how to use old pallets in a garden? If so, post comments below the post!

Check the full tutorial on One Hundred Dollars A Month.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Pallets
  • Soil


0 thoughts on “Pallet Garden

  1. Marcus Morgan says:

    This is such a super cool idea. You can really use pallets for about anything. I saw someone else make a cool coffee table out of a pallet and it looked super food. I wish I had a great imagination like that to think of cool ideas. Thanks for the idea and the tips.

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