Painted Floor

Renovate floor at your place with this amazing technique!
Lace patterns have dominated almost all spheres of life. I’ve seen lace-inspired decorations in Urban Art or on Stepping Stones in a garden. Lace motifs always add some softness to the rough look of things.

Some people like bringing some lace or crochet elements to their room decor. But Carrie of Lovely Etc. changed her whole stained floor into stylish lace Painted Floor. She removed her old nasty carpet; she sanded and painted the plywood subfloor and used a stencil to decorate it with delicate lace-like design. She says it cost her a lot of effort, but it was worth it. I think this chic floor decor is ideal for large areas of the living room.

Are you also fond of lace and crochet elements used as interior decor? If you’ve got some at home, we are waiting to see them.

Check out the tutorial on Lovely Etc.

What you need:


  • Sand
  • Primer
  • Stencil

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paint


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