Orange Rind Votives

Fragrant lanterns made of orange peel
We are very happy to announce that our second tutorial has arrived! This time it's a step-by-step guide for making Orange Rind Votives. The votives are inexpensive, their glow is simply beautiful, and they allow you to create great atmosphere at home during long, dark, and cold evenings. The warmth of the flame activates essential oils from both the peel and cloves, and that results in a fabulous scent :) It’s a great project to make with your family - everyone can have their share in creating the votives (even if it's gonna be just eating the oranges)

We spent few last days preparing the tutorial as we wanted it to be very precise and helpful. There are two useful hacks we invented while working on it. First one is marking the guiding line - it’s important to divide the orange peel evenly for the best effect. The second one is the hack with mug ;) that allows you to use less force when cutting the hole in the peel. I hope both tips will make the whole thing a bit easier for you ;) (It also feels great to add some personal touch to the tutorial, since the idea is not a novelty)

We hope these votives will bring a lot of joy to your place. Remember that you can always show us your version of the project on our fan page :) May your Autumn and Winter evenings have a scent of cloves and oranges!

What you need:


  • book
  • fine-tip pen
  • plate
  • knife
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • mug
  • cookie cutter

Supplies / ingredients:

  • orange
  • cloves
  • tea light


Gather all supplies and tools.


Take a thick book, put an orange on a tea light and grab a fine-tip pen. Place the pen on the book (hold it firmly with your left hand) and make a guiding line by twisting the orange around the tip of the pen.

Step 01 - A

Step 01 - B


Make a cut in the middle of the orange. Cut only through the peel – you don’t want things to get messy ;)

Step 02


Widen the cut with a spoon – it will help you in sliding it under the peel.

Step 03


Take a spoon and pry the peel delicately. Always start taking of the peel from the half of the orange shown on the photo – it’s easier to take off the peel, when the second half is still covered with it.

Step 04


Now, slide the spoon under the peel to separate it from the flesh.

Step 05


Twist the peel – it will easily go off the orange.

Step 06


When you’re done with the first half of the orange, do the same with the other. (You can make a delicate cut with a knife on the border between flesh and the peel)

Step 07 - A

Step 07 - B


Take a cookie cutter and place it inside the peel. Push it slightly to fix its position.

Step 08


Turn the peel around, with a cookie cutter inside, and put it on a mug standing upside down. This trick helps in cutting through the peel (you don’t need to push that hard to get the cutter to the other side ;))

Step 09 - A

Step 09 - B


Your votive is almost ready – one of the last steps is sticking the cloves in the corners of the star (or around any other shape)

Step 10


Now, place the tea light in the bottom part.

Step 11


Yay! Your votive is ready!

Step 12


Now, light the candle :) Enjoy the glow and scent!

Orange Rind Votives

Final 01

Final 02

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