One Cut Leggings Crop Top

One, simple cut on folded pants and you turn them into cool 80’s style blouse.

Hey, girls! We are sure that your wardrobe is full of leggings after a winter time. We want to show you how you can upcycle your old leggings and give them a second life. As soon as you cut one of them you will do the same with the others. It is highly addictive :)

This fashion trick is more than awesome! Just take a look at our new video. Mania shows in detailed step- by- step instruction how to make a perfect cut to make this cool crop top. Fold the leggings in half and cut out the hole. Make the first cut even a bit smaller than in our video you can always make it wider after.

It’s a bit an 80’s style, and it goes gorgeously with a high waist jeans or skirts. Don’t forget that you can always change the length of sleeves. Cut off a part or leggings or live it as they were at the beginning. Try this method with other colors or patterns and get the 80' look! Give us some feedback how it worked for you.

Oh, if you make hundred of these, don’t forget about our T-Shirt Ranger Roll Trick to save place in your closet for more crop tops.

Have fun cutting your leggings and share your thoughts in comments below the video.


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