Old T-shirt Cat Tent

Built a cosy house that your pet deserves.
As much as I love cats I sometimes hate ours. Karol is naughty, vicious and often aggressive.When he bites, he bites like a dog, and he loves to bite my feet while I am asleep... I use to say it must be my Karma to have a cat like this one ;) I am trying to show him my warm feelings, although he seems not to care at all.

Cats are known for their dislike to any, constant sleeping spaces and believe me our wild beast already had about 30. Due to this fact I decided to find a cat house project that he wouldn’t dare to resist. After browsing through the web I have finally found one, that is perfect for him. It is simple (looks a bit like a makeshift), warm and cosy. It is an Old T-shirt Cat Tent (we have found just pictures but unfortunately no source site) made out of four, simple items: a t-shirt, two hangers, and a pillow.

Whoever came up with this splendid idea and passed it on to the net, I will worship this person as there is no way our cat goes by it without coming in and stay forever. What is more, I have a feeling this awesome tent will tame his difficult personality too.

I know there are thousands of cat lovers out there. Please show me your pet inside this homemade tent on our facebook profile.

Old T-shirt Cat Tent Collage

What you need:


  • Pliers to take the hangers apart
  • Tape to attach hangers at the top
  • Metal wire to put all the construction together (be sure to
    secure the sharp ends of hangers with the tape

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Old T-shirt
  • 2 Coat hangers
  • Cardboard to put underneath the pillow
  • Pillow

Put all supplies and tools on the floor and prepare the space for your work.

Old T-shirt Cat Tent 01


Take the hangers apart with pliers and shape them as shown on the picture, using a tape on the top (wide enough to put the pillow and the cardboard inside)

Old T-shirt Cat Tent 02


Strech your t-shirt on the construction leaving sleeves loose for additional entrances or tie them at the back of a tent. Here it is. The easiest house for cats ever!

Old T-shirt Cat Tent 03