Old Ladder Wardrobe

Use your old ladder to make this fancy wooden wardrobe!
If you have an old, wooden and unused ladder at home, take it out and prepare it for a fancy upcycling project! Till now the most popular ladder-based idea for a DIY furniture was a shelving system. Today I’m gonna surprise you with an Old Ladder Wardrobe.

This is another “why didn’t I think of that before” kind of idea, but let’s not torture ourselves ;) Geneva Vanderzeil, who a crafty girl behind this project, prepared a comprehensive photo tutorial, that will guide you through the process and I promise you it won’t take long. If you need more projects using upcycled wood see this Wood Crutches Vintage Shelf.

Let us know how if you’re planning to make this easily customizable project :) We’re waiting for your photos and comments on the project, so post them below.

You’ll find a photo tutorial of this easy Old Ladder Wardrobe here.

What you need:


  • Drill

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Wooden ladder – the older and more battered the better
  • Wooden dowel ( a simple broomstick will do)
  • Two pine planks
  • Two round pipe brackets
  • Long screws


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