No- Sew Braided Tank Top

Turn an ordinary T-shirt into a fashionable top with just few cuts!
Girls, do you feel summer in the air? Say goodbye to traditional t-shirt and welcome this cool braided tank top! Keep your summer wardrobe cut and vibrant with some upcycle-infused fashion that is packed with a bit of personality.

Have you got a stack of clothes that hang useless in the closet? Don’t throw it away and don’t go shopping for more! We will show you a cool solution for all your old t-shirts! Just take a look at our new video. Mania is showing you detailed step- by- step instruction of how to make it! Grab a pair of scissors, safety pin and an ordinary t-shirt.

Remember about few important tips we're going to write down for you here:

* Use men’s t-shirt either it is Small or large size as it looks much better when it is oversized!

* Be careful with a safety pin! If you do not like it, simply sew the braid

* Cut out the thick part around the neck to make it look lighter before you start

* You’ll gain the best effects with seamless tee

* Iron it before cutting

* After folding in half, smoothen it again

* Use chalk or soap to draw the cutting lines. Believe us, it really helps!

* To make the braid longer and the edges smoother, stretch them a bit.

* These tank tops will fit right at summer music festivals, or long sunny weekends.

There are so many ways you can change up the braided back t-shirt. The braiding back is only a one option here! You can cut decorative elements, you can roll it up and everything what you’ll come up to! If you are a truly slow fashion lover check out our popular video of past few weeks.

We'd love to hear how you went with this summer tank top. Give us your feedback on Facebook and will appreciate some pictures of your cuts too!

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin

Supplies / ingredients:

  • T-shirt

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