Newspaper Gift Bag

Will you agree with me, that giving presents is much more fun than getting them? Have you ever had the feeling, that putting read newspaper into recycling bin is still such a waste? If so, I found this great idea for us - eco-friendly, easy to make and, last but not least, economical Newspaper Gift Bags.

Interested? Jess from How About Orange very precisely shows you how to make one. What inspires me the most is how unique your bag could look like depends on the newspaper you use. It could be the comic section, in foreign languages, some specific topics or patterns... All is up to you and the person to whom the gift goes! Plus, as a mother of three little girls, I finally know what to do with tons of children magazines in our house.

Newspaper Gift Bag

I’m sure that’s the kind of D.I.Y project you wouldn’t be able to resist, so you DO TRY THIS AT HOME and show us the effects!

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