Multi-Colored Crayons

Upcycle broken crayons into new, multicolored ones.
Each time I sort out numberless stuff in our apartment I end up with piles of things I can't decide to throw but have little idea how to reuse them. That was the case with gloves without a pair, and the Unpaired Glove Chipmunk solved my dilemma.

I have even bigger problem with literally tons of the broken crayons. I'm saved again with Melted Crayon Cakes from Providence handmade blog. We will add some instructions here to these beautiful pictures to make the whole thing clear to you.

It's another great idea from the series of D.I.Y. projects, which are simple enough for children to have fun both in making (of course with the adults help since using of the oven) and playing. Its purpose is wonderfully multiple - the gifts, the thing to do at Art Parties, the new crayons without buying ones. And, what I equally love about it, we have a reason for keeping all these broken crayons;) As you probably already figured out the way you would mix the crayons depends on you and can vary endlessly. So, please DO try it at home and show us your Cookies;)

Images credit: Providence Handmade

Multi-Colored Crayons

What you need:


  • Mini cupcake pan
  • Pocket knife (optional)

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Broken Crayons
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper cups

Collect all the broken crayons you want to use, Crayola wax crayons are the best. In the meantime pre-heat the oven to 120C or 250F degrees. Now you need to peel off the paper – you can use the pocket knife or hot water to avoid unnecessary effort;) Next thing to do is to sort out crayons’ pieces by colours we propose.

Collect all the broken crayons


Next step – oil muffin pan liberally (or place paper cups) to have no problem with getting cookies easily out after they have already melted. If the broken crayons are too big for the muffin pan, help yourself with a knife to cut them into the smaller pieces which will fit in. And now fun begins – the way you will mix them together. You can make them warm and cold colours, you can put together different shades of the same colour or you just can make rainbow-like crayons. All is up to you. Now put this colourful pan in to the oven and left for 10 to 15 minutes until all crayons are completely melted.

Oil muffin pan liberally


All is left to do is to let the Melted Crayons Cookies cool after removing from the oven. Then get out from the pan – they will drip when you flip the pan, and convince the kids these are no real cookies.

Multi-Colored Crayons

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