Anti-Boring Jar

Prepare this jar and get ready for ‘Mom, I’m bored’ situation!
There’s a sentence that no mom likes hearing. The sentence usually appears in your kids’ mouth when you put a limit on television or computer, then they come and say ‘Mom, I’m bored.' Well, you think that it’s impossible, there are so many fascinating things to do, so many things to discover, to many experiments to perform...

I adore the idea Stephenie of Somewhat Simple prepared for such situations. She embellished a cookie jar and filled it with fun, engaging activities written on small pieces of colourful paper. Whenever the children come and say the disturbing sentence, they can take a pick to find something entertaining to do. I haven't prepared my jar yet, but I’ve already chosen some activities to put inside. You know I like crafts so making Paper Plate Flowers and using Homemade Paint Brushes will hop into the jar immediately.

What are your emergency boredom ideas? Share them with other handimaniacs!

Check out the tutorial on Somewhat Simple.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Cookie Jar
  • Ribbon
  • Printed tag
  • List of activities


0 thoughts on “Anti-Boring Jar

  1. Gaba Banas says:

    I think it’s unfair judgment and certainly doesn’t concern children. Sometimes you just need to encourage them to do something and in my opinion it doesn’t prove that they are boring people. Cheers :)

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