Modern Zen Gardens

Plant these tiny Zen Gardens and decorate your interior!
Can you remember when I wrote about Succulent In A Jar? Would you believe I still have it? It even survived my last move from a tiny flat to a bigger place in the city centre.

I’m currently looking for some plants to make the new apartment a peaceful green place. I’ve been always inspired by Asian traditions and their reverence for nature. The pursuit of spiritual balance you can reach in Japanese gardens has fascinated me. My new flat has an adjacent little backyard, but I don’t think it will make a good spot for personal revival. As I want to create a little nature sanctuary inside, you can imagine how happy I was to find Modern Zen Gardens on Plenty of Colour. They present the Gardens of Wendiland’s idea to plant little cactus in a glass bowl. Of course, they are not as big and impressive as exterior gardens but still can resemble them just a little.

If you want to create a peaceful space for contemplation, you can start with these simple objects of nature. Take a deep breath and create your versions of Modern Zen Gardens. Don’t hesitate to share the photos on our fan page.

The photos of Modern Zen Gardens are available here.


What you need:


  • Stick/Pen

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Sand
  • Cactus
  • Glass bowl


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  1. Tyna Price says:

    I absolutely adore these! My bungalow is simple, square, natural colours inside out. Normally I don’t do decisions, but these are great and will complete my home style! Thanks!

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