Mirror Folding Table



[tool]Paint brush[/tool]
[tool]Wood drill[/tool]
[tool]Power drill[/tool]
[tool]Sander or sandpaper[/tool]
[tool]Masonry drill[/tool]
[supply]Wooden boards[/supply]
[supply]Metal hinges[/supply]
[supply]Mirror adhesive tape[/supply]
[supply]Acrylic paint[/supply]
[supply]Masking tape[/supply]


First, you need to build a table leg from the first wooden board. To do this, draw a rectangle in 10 cm/4 inch distance from the edge of the board.



Drill holes in four corners of the rectangle. Starting in the corner holes, saw out the rectangle with a jigsaw.




Then grind the edges with sandpaper or a sander. Table leg will serve as a wooden frame for the mirror.



Paint the wooden frame, the wooden panel and the hinges with acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, connect the table leg and the wood panel on the short sides with two metal hinges using a power drill. Before screwing, check if they are in a right position.



Place the mirror in the middle of the underside of the wooden plate and mark its position with masking tape. Stick mounting tape to the back of the mirror, place it on the marked position and press firmly. Remove masking tape.




Attach the table top with mirror base to the wall using metal hinges. It will allow the panel to be folded up. Use masonry drill bits, then insert suitable wall plugs and screw the hinges.



Fold the table top up and attach two L-hooks right and left, right to the board. The hooks lock the table on the wall and bring the mirror to light. Rotate L-hooks clockwise so that the table top is released and the leg can be expanded.


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