Maple Leaf Roses

Make an awesome autumn decoration out of falling leafs and sticks.
Usually roses are so common and boring, not in this case, however. "Solarpowered Kate" made this awesome tutorial for all of you who love autumn colors and this fresh scent of rain in the air. With her Maple Leaf Roses, your bouquets will be certainly one of the most creative and original ones.

During a walk in the park just take a look around and under your feet to collect all supplies like yellowed maple leafs, and some sticks. Then, turn them into this easy but effective project that can be used for kids crafts at school or as a long evenings time killer.

I would be truly impressed if my guy brought me this unusual bouquet made with his own hands! Do try this at home and share it with us afterwards!

Jump straight to the complete Maple Leaf Roses tutorial, here.

Maple Leaf Roses Collage

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 10 colorful maple leaves per flower in various sizes
  • Short twigs
  • Floral tape

Maple Leaf Roses

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