Magazine Page Gift Bow – All Steps

Upcycle pages from old magazines into super easy bows!
Not exactly sure why but I used to think that making this bow was beyond my reach. It always seemed far too complicated, and I thought that special skills were needed to make it properly. Besides, I didn’t quite like its look as it was usually made of plastic ribbon.

I wouldn’t have changed my mind if I hadn't stumbled on a few simple tutorials for Magazine Page Gift Bows on DIY websites while searching the web. The best thing about them is that bows are made from reused magazine pages (and that’s a real turn on for upcycling maniac!). The procedure turned out to be so simple that, after a few minutes, I was a happy owner of the bow that was self-made eco-beauty!

We liked this green and inexpensive idea so much that we decided to make our version of the tutorial. We hope you'll find it as interesting and helpful as we had, and that you'll grace your presents for Mother's Day this year with Magazine Page Gift Bows! We'll be more than happy if you post pictures of your gift bows below and give us some feedback on the way we presented the idea.

What you need:


  • A snap-off blade knife
  • A stapler
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A pencil

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Magazine page or any other paper material
  • Double-sided tape

First, be sure you have all needed tools and supplies at hand :) Time to start!


Take your magazine and cut out a page that you like the most. Then place it vertically on a table.


Grab a pencil and mark off nine 3/4-inch-long (2 cm) sections at the top and the bottom of the page.

gift-bow-magazine003 gift-bow-magazine004 gift-bow-magazine005 gift-bow-magazine006

Cut the page lengthwise into nine strips

gift-bow-magazine007 gift-bow-magazine008

Now, cut the strips into following heights: three 11″ strips (28 cm) ; three 10″ (26 cm) strips ; two 9″ strips (23 cm) ; one 4″ strip (10 cm).

gift-bow-magazine009 gift-bow-magazine010 gift-bow-magazine011 gift-bow-magazine012 gift-bow-magazine013 gift-bow-magazine014 gift-bow-magazine015 gift-bow-magazine016 gift-bow-magazine017 gift-bow-magazine018-1

Fold each strip of paper in half to mark the exact centre.

gift-bow-magazine019 gift-bow-magazine020

Twist each strip to form a loop at end and staple it in the center.

gift-bow-magazine021 gift-bow-magazine022 gift-bow-magazine023 gift-bow-magazine024

Make a circle out of the smallest 4″ (10 cm) strip.

gift-bow-magazine025 gift-bow-magazine026

This is how your strips will look like after twisting and stapling.


Layer the three longest pieces on top of each other. Space them evenly and join together with a double-sided tape.

gift-bow-magazine028 gift-bow-magazine029 gift-bow-magazine030 gift-bow-magazine031 gift-bow-magazine032

Do the same with another group of shorter pieces. Try to make it as evenly as you can for the best effect.

gift-bow-magazine033 gift-bow-magazine034 gift-bow-magazine035 gift-bow-magazine036 gift-bow-magazine037

Finally, stick the loop into the center.


Your Magazine Page Gift Bows are ready! Now you can attach them to wrapped presents or gift bags – we’re sure everyone will like these upcycled beauties!

gift-bow-magazine039 gift-bow-magazine040 gift-bow-magazine041 gift-bow-magazine042

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