Light Bulb Vase

Finally I have some spare time to refresh my house after long winter. Sometimes you need to buy new furniture, curtains and pillows (or make them) and sometimes just rearrange books on the shelf or put something new on it. I love all those pretty, little pieces of craft , photos in nice frames and vintage bibelots.

Today I have discovered-again a Light Bulb Vase project and decided to share it with you. It might seem to be a little complicated especially that you’ll have to work with a thin glass but at least you do not have to walk on it ;) If it breaks while trying to create this vase, just play “Walking on broken glass” tune and try again! ;)

Actually I think there are no difficult D.I.Y’s, just badly prepared ones! Before you start, do your best to collect everything you need and place it in one space on the floor as if you wanted to take a picture of it. This way you avoid forgetting the most important parts during your work. When you complete this, follow this great photo step-by-step guide provided by The Merrythought.

Light Bulb Vase

I am sure that you’ll love the final effect and wish to share it with us! For me it is one of the most favorite handmade stuff ever found.

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