Lego Organizer

Help your kids organize their lego blocks!
I’m an aesthete. Wire Box Organizer found a place on our office shelf for good. The organizers I look for are not found by force of circumstance. They serve me to organize the mess around me and avert messy thoughts.

I also think that children should be taught how to arrange their stuff. I was stunned beyond speech when I saw how Kate of Centsational Girl managed to put in order her 7 year old son’s lego blocks. She used a table and a few plastic bins to make an impressive Lego Organizer. The table is a nice storage but its top is a runway for the planes or a racetrack. What a brilliant idea!

If you have other storage-play combo station solutions, don’t wait to share them with other handimaniacs.

Check out the tutorial on Centsational Girl.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Coffee table
  • Curved road plates
  • Crossroads plates
  • Bins


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