Lego Key Holder

Create the simplest yet unique keyholder out of your kid's Lego pieces.
If you have little kids at home then I can undoubtedly say that this one’s the most useful project for you as you can utilize all those teeny tiny lego pieces scattered over your kids’ playroom. The Lego Keyholder is one of the most creative yet the easiest to make keyholder we’ve seen so far. You really don’t need to wait for the weekend to do this; rather you can start it while watching to your favorite T.V. show tonight!

All you need to do is fit in lego part 3176 into your key ring, stick a wide lego piece to your wall and viola! Your lego key holder is ready for action! We just gave you the main idea, you can explore a whole lot of creative possibilities and make your own favorite version with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of lego pieces for the wall piece. It would look very nice – a lot like a little wall hanging - if done creatively.

The best part about this magnetizing project is that you can re-do it whenever you get bored. Even your children would love to take part in making this marvelous piece! Keep trying it until you make one breath taking version and do post its picture on our facebook page!

This one’s pretty simple, but if you need detailed instructions, click here.

Lego Key Holder

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Lego blocks
  • Keyholder ring

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