LED Hula Hoop

Figure out this hula hoop construction and burn some hip fat!
Hey ladies, would you like to burn some hip fat or work out for your abs? Well, there is a perfect solution - a hula hoop. Do you remember when we presented Hula Hoop T-shirt Rug which was just an alternative weaving technique?

This time Instructables inspired us to use a hula hoop in a more conventional but still intriguing way. The LED Hula Hoop project they show is not only a perfect way to improve your coordination, but also to impress your friends. While twirling this hula hoop around your waist, limbs or neck you can create shiny 3D mandalas so in this way hula hooping may become meditation.

If you loved the idea the same as we did, share the pics of your hula hoops with others on our fan page. Let us know about other fat burning and creative equipment.

A detailed description of how to make a LED Hula Hoop was shown here


What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 12′ – polyethylene tubing
  • 1x tubing connector
  • 6x LED’s
  • 6x 69ohm resistors
  • 6x LED holders
  • 14’x2 copper wire
  • 1x mini switch
  • 1x AAA battery holder (2xbatteries, 3Volts)
  • Assorted heat shrink
  • Random paperclips


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