Knotted Cord Bracelet

Make cute and fashionable bracelet out of a cord.
Summer makes me want to be a typical woman, more than winter does. All those skirts, light flops, necklaces and pink nails. As I wrote not such a long time ago, I love bracelets above all jewelry. Beaded Bracelet is one of my favorite because of its light look perfect for a beach and goes great with swimsuit.

I decided to put my bracelets into topic collections such as fancy, casual, funky, and so on. Due to this fact I needed to find another casual one. Knotted Cord Bracelet by Tanya, caught my eye with its color and shape.

I like the way it is knotted, and as you can see it is also very easy to make. Try doing it with your kid, I bet she will love it too. This cute bracelet might be a perfect gift for a friend or wife if you think the knot symbolises the strength of your relationship. Whatever the reason I recommend you to complete this little project for you own satisfaction and excellent look.

Do not hesitate to share your Knotted Cord Bracelet below.

Check out the tutorial on Dans Le Lakehouse.

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle nose pliers

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Cord
  • Two gold ribbon crimp ends (they also come in silver)
  • Lobster clasp with tag connector and two jump rings
  • Gel Epoxy
  • Toothpick & scrap cardboard (to mix the epoxy)
  • Tape



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