Impression Prints

Make like the hand-drawn pictures using lighter fluid.
I am a huge fan of photography, and if only I had more time, I would take more pictures and develop this creative hobby. Contrary to Mania, I prefer when photographs are realistic, without retouching, clear and raw. She is the one who likes them to be like a hand-drawn, painted or vintage.

Some time ago Dominika wrote an article about Photo Tile Coasters, and I started to get around to experimenting with photos a bit. Following this path, I came across this amazing project that charmed me completely. Impression Prints made by Jeffrey Rudell from I would have never thought you can make some kind of “reverse” prints using lighter fluid. The effects of this work are truly amazing! I will try this soon for sure, (Mania has already loved this project).

At first glance, it may look a bit complicated or even unreal, but when you are patient, decide to follow all steps with details, you will get what you want. Jeffrey gives all important information and tips, so there’s no way to fail this craft. I am sure all photo maniacs are under a big impression of this and have already set out to buy some lighter fluid. As always I am waiting to see your works, so Do try this at home and show it off on our facebook afterwards.

For full tutorial of IMPRESSION PRINTS go here.

Impression Prints Collage

What you need:


  • Bone-creaser, the end of a craft knife, or the capped end of a pen.

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Some magazine images
  • A bottle of lighter fluid or optional nail polish remover
  • Scotch or masking tape
  • Some heavy, white paper

Impression Prints

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