How to Propagate Succulents

Follow these few, simple steps to grow your own plants

We have been in love with cactuses and succulents for a long time now, but also admit never thought about propagating them. It difficult to grow them in our rather cold climate, let alone grow them from baby plants - we believed.

It was until we found Needles & Leaves. A blog run by two talented women, Tawni and Krista. Tawni guides you here, with her own experience, how to propagate succulents properly, step by step. Not only there is a detailed description of the process, but it is also illustrated with amazing photographs.

It is really worth to take a while to get to know your plants and how they grow from leaves, just lying on damp soil. As soon as you succeed and there are new plants on your window, check out Outdoor Succulent Wall Accent as an inspiration or maybe go farther and try this creative way of planting succulents in a book.

Whatever you decide to decorate your brand new succulents with, don’t forget to give us a shout about it on our FB fanpage!

To read Towni’s instructions for propagating succulents, click this link.


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