Ridiculously cute way to repurpose an old trampoline – how to make trampoline swing DIY

Garden trampolines have become so popular that they are almost an integral part of every garden. Children use them for years. But what happens next? What can we do with the trampoline once our child grows out of it?

There is an easy way to convert your trampoline into a fantastic swing!

All you need is a few pool noodles to cover some elements of the trampoline, a rope that will meet the requirements to endure the weight of the swing and the people on it, and, most importantly, a place where you could hang the new swing.

How to make trampoline swing DIY:

1. Cut the noodles along and protect the edges of the trampoline

2. Spread some glue on the noodles

3. Wrap the noodles with some cloth

4. Tie it up with a rope

5. Cover it with a bed throw and cushions

6. Enjoy the new garden attraction

This is what the swings look like if you use a bigger trampoline

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