Homemade Rope Light Sign

Illuminate someone’s name with string lights!
I’ve recently come back to the projects including string lights. The dimmed light of Crochet String Light Circle or Paper Cube String Lights reminded me of a sting light welcome inscription I can make for my friend. I saw the idea in a movie when a woman was coming back home with a newly born child and her husband prepared a welcome party. He put the string lights in the shape of their names.

I started wondering how to make a Homemade Rope Light Sign to welcome my friend. Emma Chapman posted this super fabulous idea on Beautiful Mess. She hung a word ‘relax’ next to her jacuzzi temporarily for the parties. Now I imagine my friend’s smile when she sees her name glowing with string lights.

If you're thinking about doing anything similar don’t hesitate to share the photos of your inscription on our website

A step-by-step tutorial on Homemade Rope Light Sign is here


What you need:


  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Tall level/ruler or additional measuring tape

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 1 outdoor rope light kit (48ft in length)
  • 50 nails
  • Printed-off grid of your word
  • String or embroidery thread
  • Outdoor light switch (optional)










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