Hemp Twine Ball Lamp


[tool]Ball inflating needle-available at sporting goods stores[/tool]
[supply]Bouncy balls of various sizes[/supply]
[supply]Clear drying craft glue (about 1 bottle per ball)[/supply]
[supply]Hemp string 20lb. weight
estimated amounts needed:
16 inch diameter ball—400 yards
14 inch diameter ball—300 yards
9 inch diameter ball—100 yards[/supply]
[supply]Plastic gloves (optional)[/supply]
[supply]Trash bag or small drop cloth[/supply]
[supply]Permanent marker[/supply]
[supply]Light fixture and hardware[/supply]

Hemp Twine Ball Lamp Inspiration

Here, you can see how amazing it is when you use totally different sizes of bouncy balls. Lamps from West Elm’s served as an inspiration for Heika to make hers.