Hemp Twine Ball Lamp

Create your new, eco and affordable lamps.
Who would have thought, years ago that we would use bouncy balls to make pendant lamps? I have been planning to make Hemp Twine Ball Lamp for a long time, but there was always something easier to access than the old lamp on the ceiling.

I used to think years ago, it is impossible to make such a fragile shade by myself before all those crafts burst on the web. Now I am so happy it turned out to be so easy actually. Glue, hemp twine, a bouncy ball and a little bit of patience till the glue bonds. You’ve got a new lamp, what’s more, made with your own hands.

The construction and natural color remind me of a nest, and it will perfectly fit to eco friendly house (we try to make ours like this). Heika DeHart will show you entire tutorial here, of how to make this money saving lamp and gain wonderful effect of perfectly round ones, contrary to balloons, which give you oval shades. You will see on her photos that they fit to her wallpaper too. Let it be an inspiration to buy or make new wallpapers or even repaint your apartment.

Again I urge you to be creative, paint them or cover with glitter- -can you imagine glamorous, Hemp Twine Ball Lamps. Don’t be shy to share your work with us on facebook as usual.

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Ball inflating needle-available at sporting goods stores

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Bouncy balls of various sizes
  • Clear drying craft glue (about 1 bottle per ball)
  • Plastic gloves (optional)
  • Trash bag or small drop cloth
  • Permanent marker
  • Light fixture and hardware

Hemp Twine Ball Lamp Inspiration

Here, you can see how amazing it is when you use totally different sizes of bouncy balls. Lamps from West Elm’s served as an inspiration for Heika to make hers.

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