Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Make an unusual bag full of aromatic tea to share your warm feelings with the one you love
Sometimes We feel like we were born on faraway tea plantation, and this is why we love aromatic variety of tastes and scents of tea leafs so much. If you had a chance to visit our kitchen, you would probably be surprised with the number of tea boxes we store on my kitchen wall, (We're still looking for a creative tea bags storage design, let us know if you know any!)

We have already mentioned we love simple, quick and effective crafts, which we can complete with my family at one table - this one is perfect for joining generations! Valentines are coming soon and instead of buying flowers we would highly recommend you to jump straight to 'Her Imajination' blog and check out this awesome tutorial of Heart Shaped Tea Bags, prepared by a Girl from California. She claims it was her first D.I.Y...Well Done!

We are pretty sure handimaniacs from all over the world are really into tea. Be sure to take up this smooth and savoury project, take some pictures of finished tea bags of your own design, and boldly upload it on our gallery!

Check out the tutorial on the Her Imajination!

What you need:


  • Needle
  • Thread

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Construction paper
  • Tea bags


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