Heart Shaped Box

Create a box that you could put a gift from the bottom of your heart inside!
Do you remember these 3D Paper Diamonds made by "Minieco"? Professional looking box that you could have done yourself at home. Unique package, perfect for an anniversary or engagement occasion. As the reason for presents is coming, take up another geometric project by the same crafter: Heart Shaped Box.

It looks lovely in any color, and it is small enough so you can put two of those in a box presented on the website. Don't worry! It may look complicated but actually Minieco provides you some templates to print that make it a piece of cake.

Whatever the occasion is, it is always good to wrap the gift the way it shows you really care. What colors you used and on what occasion? Was it easy, or rather hard to complete? Share your opinion below.

Check out the full tutorial on Minieco!

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Template
  • Glue

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper

Heart Shaped Box

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