Hanging Table

Change your bedroom, start with this DIY Hanging Table!
When you want to change something in your bedroom to make it look intriguing and fresh, you should definitely start with a bedside table. When thinking of bedside tables I don’t go for one of those sturdy massive cubes, I look for something delicate and discreet.

Being on the prowl for bedside table ideas I found DIY Hanging Table designed by Caitlin of The Merry Thought. This piece of furniture looks natural and appealing, it can give a fresh breath to your bedroom. It’s not massive enough to carry tons of bulky books, but after all you have some bookshelves for them.

I like untypical furniture. Floating Shelves have found a place in my bathroom, and this hanging table officially gets to my to-do list.

Ready to start bedroom redecoration? Feel free show us the pictures of your ideas.

A neat tutorial of Hanging Table is available here

What you need:


  • Saw
  • Orbital Sander
  • Spray Polyurethane
  • Drill
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Eye Screw
  • S-Hook

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Cross Section of Wood
  • [supply]Felt
  • Rope
  • Toggle Lock


Bored with typical bedside tables? Would try to make this floating beauty instead?

0 thoughts on “Hanging Table

  1. Terri Davidson says:

    So pretty! Just think how easy to keep the floor clean underneath! No dust bunnies under this table! Also, makes the room look larger!

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