Halloween Jack-o-Lantern With Braces

Funny take on Halloween Pumpkin!
Let's make it clear - one can't get bored with pumpkins, especially during Halloween. They can be carved, painted and decorated in so many ways that every single pumpkin becomes a real showpiece. There are multiple pumpkin-inspired dishes, cakes, cookies, muffins and snacks, not to mention toys, clothes and decorating items. For a few days at the end of October, pumpkin becomes a widely cherished, national fruit in many countries. But these are all well known facts. So let’s get to the point. I’m about to present you the least obvious pumpkin I know, and at the same time our first tutorial prepared at Handimania’s HQ. Meet Halloween Jack-o’-lantern with braces.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s funny - it doesn’t even try to be scary, and since many of my friends’ kids need to wear braces, it’s also great in helping them realize that pumpkins have their problems too ;) You don’t have to be a pro carver to complete this project - all you need is patience on a basic level, perfectly round pumpkin, some tools and supplies. If you want to make your kids giggle, we think it’s totally worth the effort. Try it out and tell us what you think here!


What you need:


  • marker
  • pushpins
  • scissors
  • peeler
  • spoon
  • foil
  • cutting plyers
  • saw
  • knife (for more precise cutting)
  • gloves
  • bowl or a plastic box for pumpkin flesh and seeds
  • spoon for removing pumpkin flesh

Supplies / ingredients:

  • pumpkin (approx. 22 or 33 cm/ 9 or 13 inch in diameter)
  • template
  • wire hanger or a wire
  • 4 angle irons
  • 8 screws



Download template for big or small pumpkin. Print the template and cut it out.

Step 01


Draw a guiding line with a marker and cut the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin with a saw.

Step 02


Remove flesh from the inside.

Step 03


Pin the template to the pumpkin. Start from the bottom part of the template for easier pinning.

Step 04


Poke pushpin through, all along dotted outline, to transfer design.

Step 05


Cut out eyes with the saw. The edge may be a bit jaggy but don’t worry ’bout that – you can refine it later with a peeler (it turned out to be the best tool for improving the shape of holes).

Step 06


Cut the pumpkin 1 cm/0.4 inch deep along the dotted line with a knife.

Step 07 - A

Step 07 - B


Cut out mouth with the saw.

Step 08


Remove flesh from the teeth area (approx. 1 cm deep).

Step 09 - A

Step 09 - B


If it’s necessary, redraw the outline of teeth with a knife.

Step 10


Carve teeth.

Step 11 - A

Step 11 - B


Refine the shape of eyes and mouth with a peeler.

Step 12 - A

Step 12 - B

Step 12 - C

Step 12 - D


Pre-cut the wire.

Step 13


Mount the wire in one side of mouth.

Step 14


Bend the wire along the line of teeth.

Step 15


Measure and cut the wire. Mount it in the other side of mouth.

Step 16 - A

Step 16 - B


Fix the wire with angle irons and screws.

Step 17


Use the peeler or other tool to screw.

Step 25


Step 26

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern With Braces


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